AirTag Dog Collar: Genius Idea or Recipe for Disaster?

Thinking of using an AirTag dog collar to keep tabs on your dog? While it can be a tempting solution, there are some important factors to consider before you buy.

From our research we discovered that Apple officially discourages using AirTags specifically for pet tracking but we explore to see if it can be done and we have some interesting finding’s to share.

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Is an AirTag Right for My Dog’s Collar? (Limitations to Consider)

AirTags offer a novel approach to pet tracking, but they have limitations:

  • Limited Range: AirTags rely on nearby Apple devices to transmit location. If your dog wanders off into a remote area with few iPhones, tracking might be difficult.
  • Safety Concerns: The small size of AirTags poses a choking hazard, especially for curious pups who like to chew. Look for secure AirTag holders designed for dog collars.
  • Battery Replacements: AirTag batteries require replacement roughly every year. Factor in the ongoing cost.

However, AirTags can be a valuable tool in specific situations:

  • Indoor Tracking: For sprawling homes, AirTags can help pinpoint your dog’s location inside.
  • Short-Range Escapes: If your dog slips out the door, AirTags might help you locate them in the immediate vicinity.

Does an AirTag Work on a Dog? (Understanding the Technology)

Yes you can use an Airtag to track your dog. AirTags themselves lack built-in GPS. Instead, they leverage the vast network of Apple devices to anonymously transmit their location. So, as long as your dog stays within range of iPhones or iPads, you’ll be able to see their location on the Find My app.

How Far Can an AirTag Track My Dog? (Understanding Range)

The range of your AirTag itself won’t always be affected by the number of users in the area. It relies on Bluetooth for direct connection, which typically has a maximum range of around 10 meters (33 feet) under ideal conditions.

However, the real strength of AirTags for tracking comes from the “Find My” network. With many users around, the advantage is:

  • Increased Coverage: More iPhones with users signed into the Find My network means a higher chance of an iPhone being close to your lost AirTag.
  • Location Updates: Even if your dog is out of Bluetooth range, any iPhone nearby can anonymously transmit a signal from your AirTag, updating its location in the Find My app.

So, while the direct Bluetooth range stays around 10 meters, the Find My network with many users can significantly improve your chances of tracking your dog over a wider area. However, in rural areas with limited Apple devices, tracking may become unreliable.

Do AirTags Work Without WiFi? (Connectivity Explained)

Absolutely! AirTags works without wifi utilize Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices, not WiFi. This means you can track your dog even without a WiFi connection, as long as there’s an iPhone or iPad in the vicinity.

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Airtag Dog Collar, Adjustable Air Tag Dog Collar

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Air Tag Dog Collar Final Thoughts

So, should you get an AirTag for your dog? It depends!

AirTags are a good option for:

  • Indoor tracking: Find your playful pup hiding under the couch.
  • Short escapes: Locate your dog if they bolt out the door and stay nearby.

However, AirTags have limitations:

  • Choking hazard: Consider a secure holder for curious chewers.
  • Battery replacements: Factor in the ongoing cost.
  • Limited range in rural areas: Fewer iPhones means less chance of location updates.

If you live in a city with many iPhones and want a way to find your dog around the house or nearby, then an AirTag could be a helpful tool. But, for robust tracking anywhere, especially outdoors, a dedicated GPS pet tracker might be a better choice. North Eastern university have also done a study and Deep Dive into Safety Alerts for Apple AirTags you can read here.

AirTag Dog Collar FAQ:

Q: Are there any AirTag dog collar alternatives?

Yes! Traditional GPS trackers offer wider tracking ranges and often have features like activity monitoring.

Q: What size AirTag dog collar should I get?

Choose a collar size that fits your dog comfortably, with room for the AirTag holder to attach securely.

Q: Are AirTag dog collars safe for my dog?

Look for AirTag holders made from safe, non-toxic materials and designed to prevent choking.

So while apples believe the following

  • Limited Functionality: AirTags rely on nearby Apple devices to transmit location data. If your pet strays into an area with few iPhones, tracking won’t be effective.
  • Safety Concerns: The small size of AirTags poses a choking hazard, especially for curious chewers. Apple recommends against attaching them directly to collars.

While not ideal for all situations, Apple acknowledges AirTags might be helpful in some scenarios:

  • Indoor Tracking: For large houses, AirTags can help locate your pet within the property.
  • Short-Range Escapes: If your dog escapes nearby, AirTags might help you find them in the immediate vicinity.

We have also found another youtuber who has given this a try

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