Best Dry Food For Dogs: 3 Of The Best Grain Free

Grain free dry dog food is a type of pet food formulated without common grains like wheat, corn, or soy. Instead, it predominantly features ingredients like real meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, omitting grains that are commonly used as fillers. This diet is designed to mimic a more ancestral canine diet, focusing on protein-rich sources rather than relying on carbohydrates from grains. Grain-free dry dog food aims to offer a more species-appropriate meal option, potentially catering to dogs with specific dietary sensitivities or those who may benefit from higher protein intake.

Grain-free dog foods generally boast higher protein levels compared to grain-inclusive options.

Here are Pet Supplies And Toy’s 3 best grain-free dog food products.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Dry Dog Food:

best grain free dry food for dogs


  • High-quality protein: Real salmon reigns supreme as the first ingredient, offering excellent muscle support and nutrient absorption.
  • Grain-free & legume-free: Perfect for pups with sensitivities, promoting easier digestion and reducing potential allergens.
  • Holistic blend: Sweet potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries provide essential vitamins and antioxidants for holistic health.
  • Omega-3 boost: Salmon naturally brims with Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.


  • Higher price point: Compared to some brands, Blue Buffalo Wilderness comes at a premium, making it a splurge for some pet parents.
  • Limited variety: While salmon reigns supreme, this formula lacks alternatives for pups with fish allergies or preferences.
  • Potential for digestive upset: The richness of salmon may not agree with all canine stomachs, so a slow introduction is recommended.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protect Lamb Dry Dog Food:

grain free dry food for dogs


  • Real meat first: Deboned lamb starts the show, ensuring quality protein for optimal growth and vitality.
  • Grain-free & potato-free: Ideal for sensitive tummies, it avoids common digestive triggers like grains and potatoes.
  • LifeSource Bits: Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these bite-sized nuggets support a robust immune system.
  • Balanced for all life stages: From playful pups to wise seniors, this formula adapts to your dog’s evolving nutritional needs.


  • Pricey pooch chow: Similar to Wilderness Salmon, Life Protect falls on the higher end of the cost spectrum.
  • Limited grain-free options: If lamb isn’t your pup’s cup of tea, Blue Buffalo lacks an extensive grain-free variety.
  • Kibble size inconsistency: Some reviews mention occasional variations in kibble size, which might pose challenges for smaller or senior dogs.

3. Earthborn Holistic Primitive Grain Free Dry Dog Food:

grain free dry food for dogs


  • Ancient grain-free recipe: Inspired by ancestral diets, this formula includes nutrient-rich chickpeas and lentils instead of traditional grains.
  • Multi-protein blend: Chicken, turkey, and salmon offer a diverse protein profile, catering to varied taste buds and nutritional needs.
  • Prebiotics & probiotics: Supporting a healthy gut flora, these digestive aids promote optimal nutrient absorption and gut health.
  • Affordable option: Compared to Blue Buffalo, Earthborn offers a more budget-friendly choice for pet parents on a tighter leash.


  • Lower protein content: While diverse, protein sources in Primitive Grain Free are not as concentrated as in salmon- or lamb-centric formulas.
  • Stronger odor: Some reviewers mention a distinct smell, which might not appeal to all pups or their sensitive human noses.
  • Limited availability: Finding Earthborn in certain regions might be slightly more challenging compared to major brands like Blue Buffalo.
grain free dog food

Is Grain-Free Good for Your Dog? We Answer Your Questions!

Ever stare at the dog food aisle, feeling like you’re deciphering ancient hieroglyphics? Let’s face it, choosing the right chow for your furry best friend can be ruff. But today, we’re cracking the code on one big trend: grain-free dog food. Is it a magical treat or just a fancy fad? Let’s sniff out the facts and see if it’s the kibble king for your pup! Best Dry Food For Dogs

How to deal with your dog’s grain allergies?

If your pup doesn’t do well with grains, it’s important to switch up their diet. Besides buying grain-free dog food from the store, there are other options to consider:

You could try making homemade meals for your dog, especially if they have allergies or a sensitive stomach. It means getting to know what your furry friend needs nutritionally. It’ll take some digging into their age, breed, lifestyle, and life stage to figure out the right homemade meals. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for foods that might not sit well with your dog.

Or, you might want to explore a raw diet. But that path comes with its own set of challenges and needs some extra thought. It’s a bit risky because you’ve got to make sure your dog gets all the right nutrients. For this, chatting with your vet is a wise move.

Protein and Grain-free dry dog food?

Instead of grains, these foods pack in real meat, fish, or poultry full of protein. It’s all about giving your pet those important amino acids they need for muscles and staying healthy. Dogs are all about that meaty goodness anyway, so these diets really match their natural tastes. Going grain-free with their dry food means they get a big boost of top-notch protein, keeping your dog in top health.

Is Grain-Free Dog Food Really Better?

Is grain-free dog food superior to regular options? Cutting out grains from your dog’s diet might mean missing out on crucial elements like fiber, fatty acids, and protein. These nutrients are vital for your pup’s well-being, so eliminating them could have negative effects. If you’re contemplating a grain-free diet for your dog, ensure the food is of high quality and contains all the necessary nutrients. Concerns have arisen regarding whether a grain-free diet could potentially lead to heart issues, prompting investigation.

Remember, not every dog is the same, some might thrive on a grain-free diet while others may not. Our suggestion? Start by having a chat with your vet about this dietary shift. Keep a close eye on your furry friend’s health; that’s the best way to gauge if their quality of life improves with the change.

Ingredients to Seek in Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

When hunting for grain-free dry dog food, prioritize real meats and whole fruits and veggies in the ingredient list. Opt for minimally processed whole foods and steer clear of formulas filled with fillers, meat meals, or artificial additives. Consulting your vet for recommendations on quality grain-free dry dog food brands is a smart move. Additionally, utilize the product filters available on our website to discover the perfect grain-free dry dog food tailored for your furry companion.

Do you have a favorite grain-free dry dog food? Share your top picks and furry food tales in the comments below!

5 Reasons for switching your dog to grain free dry food:
1. Potential Allergies or Sensitivities
Grain-free diets can alleviate skin irritations, digestive issues, or allergic reactions in sensitive dogs.
2. Higher Protein Content
Protein-rich ingredients in grain-free food support muscle development, energy levels, and overall health.
3. Better Digestibility
Some dogs find grain-free diets easier to digest, resulting in improved digestion and fewer digestive issues.
4. Weight Management
Lower carbohydrate content in grain-free food may aid in weight management for dogs prone to weight gain.
5. Closer to Natural Diet
Aligns more closely with dogs’ natural carnivorous diet, emphasizing protein sources over grains.

Feel free to use this structure to create a table in a program or tool of your choice to visualize the information.

Remember, before making any significant dietary changes for your dog, it’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian. They can provide tailored advice based on your dog’s specific needs, health conditions, and dietary requirements.

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