I Tried The New Halo Collar 3: A Dog’s Dream Gift

Looking for the ultimate pet gift that combines freedom, safety, and a deeper connection with your dog? The Halo 3 collar might just be it! This innovative GPS solution goes beyond traditional invisible fences, offering a customized training experience for you and your dog. From me and my dog, Winston, here’s our Halo collar review

halo collar 3

Hallo Collar Review: Setting Boundaries

As a dog owner of a lab called Winston, the Halo 3 collar truly goes beyond just setting boundaries. Here’s what I absolutely love about its key features:

Peace of Mind on Walks: Gone are the days of heart-pounding moments when Winston wanders off-leash. With the Halo app, I can always find him in real-time, thanks to the built-in GPS tracker. Adventures are so much more relaxing now!

Freedom with Safety: Forget clunky fences that limit exploration. Virtual fences let me create safe zones anywhere, indoors or outdoors. My dog Winston enjoys the freedom to roam while gentle alerts (a beep, a buzz, or even a tap on the shoulder with static, if needed) keep him within safe limits. It’s amazing to see him learning and respecting these boundaries!

Keeping Winston Fit: As a health-conscious pet parent, understanding my dog’s activity levels is crucial. The activity tracker on the Halo collar is a game-changer! It allows me to adjust their exercise routine based on their daily steps, ensuring they get the right amount of activity and rest.”

  • AI-powered Training: The Halo 3 leverages AI to personalize the training process for each dog, making it even more effective and efficient.
  • Improved Battery Life: Enjoy longer adventures with the extended battery life, keeping your dog safe for more extended periods.
  • Wider Size Range: Now available for smaller breeds with necks as small as 8 inches, ensuring no dog is left behind!
halo dog collar review

Training for Both Dog and Owner:

The Halo 3 goes beyond just teaching my dog Winston’s boundaries; it empowers me to be a responsible pet owner by actively participating in their training. This shared experience not only strengthens our bond but also instills crucial safety awareness in him.

Additional Highlights:

  • Waterproof: Perfect for all-weather adventures with your water-loving pup.
  • Indoor Beacons: Set up designated “no-go” zones inside your home for added control.
  • Subscription Plans: Choose the plan that best fits your budget and needs, starting from $4.49 per month.
  • Cesar Millan Approved: Developed with renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan, the Halo 3 reflects his philosophy of positive reinforcement and gentle communication.

Addressing the Downside:

I admit, the upfront cost of the Halo 3 had me hesitant at first. But when I compared it to the value it offers, it was a no-brainer. Unlimited virtual fences instead of limited physical ones, real-time tracking for worry-free walks, and a happier, healthier pup – that’s an investment I’m happy to make. While the Halo 3 might seem pricier than traditional fences, I’ve gotta say, it’s positive for both Winston and me. With the virtual fences, our walks in the park have gone from leash-tug struggles to relaxed explorations. He gets his freedom to roam safely, and I get peace of mind knowing he’s never out of sight

Plus, the training process wasn’t just about boundaries; it strengthened our bond in ways I never expected. Now, walks are fun bonding experiences, and those moments of mutual understanding during training? Worth more than all the treats put together! Sure, the upfront cost might seem higher, but for the practical benefits and deeper connection it brings, in summary, my Halo dog collar review is that it pays off.

My Halo Collar Review: Is It Right For You?

If you prioritize your dog’s freedom, safety, and well-being, and are committed to responsible pet ownership, the Halo 3 is an investment worth considering. Visit the Halo website to learn more and unlock a world of possibilities for you and your furry companion!

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Other Customer Reviews

“This GPS dog collar gives great peace of mind for escape artists! Lots of features and easy to use, even for small dogs. Battery lasts 2-3 days with daytime use. Only downside is a bit thick for tiny pups” Lori

“This collar has it all! Real-time tracking, training options, waterproof, and virtual fences. Perfect for big dogs and super convenient. Easy to set up and use. Highly recommend” Perez


This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Always consult with a veterinarian or qualified dog trainer before making any decisions about your pet’s care. You can also see other trackers we have here .

One final important note is once you have your collar, you now need to know how to train your dog using your e collar this great youtube training video from Standing Stone Kennels is a game changer. Watch here

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