Benebone Puppy Bacon 2 Pack Chew Toy | 1 ea


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At Benebone, we started with the premise that dogs experience scent and flavor in a way we can’t even grasp. So we ditched the neon colors and loud squeaks, and instead forged ahead with flavor and scent as our guides. Inspired by the dog’s powerful sense of smell, we developed a long-lasting durable chew that’s jam-packed with real flavor. Once your dog takes a bite of our USA-made chews, he’ll be hooked. Features:Real Flavor – We use only 100% real food ingredients for irresistible flavor and scent. We fuse 100% USA-sourced REAL peanuts all the way through the chew. Dogs can tell the difference. Patented Design – The last time we checked, dogs don’t have thumbs. So we created unique patented shapes to allow dogs to get a good grip and a satisfying chew going. And they look great too…dare we say works of art?Made in the USA – We are fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredientsourcing. We proudly manufacture our products in New York. Dog Welfare – We are fully committed to the welfare of dogs through product donations and community involvement. Dimensions: 2″ L x 4″ H in | Benebone Puppy Bacon 2 Pack Chew Toy | 1 ea


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