FitBark GPS 2nd Gen


FitBark monitors your pet’s everyday location, activity & sleep and turns it into actionable insights. Safety and fitness on both ends of the leash!

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The smallest and most comfortable GPS tracker for dogs.  16 grams packed with LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Waterproof and backed by a friendly 2-year warranty. Wi-Fi and mobile always-on location permission required.

Lighter. Stronger. Purpose-built.
At 16 grams, FitBark GPS is the only tracker on earth that uncompromisingly fits 5 lb and 240 lb pets. It’s also waterproof, and attaches to your existing collar (up to 1.5 inch wide).
Battery lasts weeks
Most pups and kitties typically recharge every 3-5 weeks. But every pet is unique! Here’s what to expect.


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