Health Diet Cockatiel & Conure Food | 5 lb


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Formulated with your pet bird in mind, Health Diet Cockatiel & Conure Food uses only premium ingredients that your bird loves – never any fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Health Diet Cockatiel & Conure Food provides a complete and balanced diet, backed by scientific support to help your pet bird enjoy a long, healthy life. An ideal blend of seeds and grains, fortified with chelated minerals for optimal absorption, as well as digestive and immune function supportA balanced source of protein and amino acids for healthy skin and feathers. Vitamin E, Zinc, and Vitamin A to support healthy visionFUN FACT: Cockatiels are one of the most popular companion birds – and originate from Australia! Cockatiels are known for their whistling songs. They also love to curl up on someone’s shoulder! Conures have a highly developed system of communication that allows them to quickly imitate flock members’ individual calls. | Health Diet Cockatiel & Conure Food | 5 lb


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