KH Mfg Outdoor Unheated Multiple Kitty-A-Frame


KH Mfg Outdoor Unheated Multiple Kitty-A-Frame

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K&H Manufacturing Unheated Kitty A-Frame™ Cat House for Multiple Cats Give your cats a safe, warm place to rest with the K&H Unheated Kitty A-Frame™ Cat House. Designed to accommodate up to four cats, the Kitty A-Frame cat house is made with waterproof fabric and features a unique overhang roof designed to keep your cat warm and dry. The two exit design ensures your cat won’t get trapped by predators. The Kitty A-Frame Cat house is easy-to-assemble, no tools required and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Features: Provides perfect shelter for outdoor cats Large A-frame design can house multiple cats Perfect for outdoor and indoor use Constructed from waterproof fabric Unique overhang roof design helps keeps cats warm and dry Two exits so your cats can’t be trapped by predators Easy-to-assemble design, no tools required One-year manufacturer’s warranty Item Specifications: Color: Tan with black trim Capacity: Holds up to four average-size cats Item Dimensions: (35″ L x 20.5″ W x 20″ H)


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