Petmate Adjustable Breakaway Reflective Safety Collar For Cats


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The Reflective paw print pattern on Petmate® Adjustable Breakaway Reflective Safety Collars helps a cat be seen at night, especially by passing motorists. Durably designed with nylon webbing and easily adjust to fit almost any cat. Whether your cat goes outside or is indoors only, this breakaway collar combines comfort and safety for every cat. The features include high-quality nylon webbing, sturdy plastic hardware with softly contoured edges, a removable silver safety bell, and a patented quick-release breakaway buckle that clips in easily and stays on securely but easily releases if the collar is pulled. Cats can explore safely outdoors since it allows the collar to come undone if your cat becomes entangled in bushes, branches, furniture, or another hazard. Adjustable size however it is recommended for cats 8 lbs. or over. Do not use it with a leash or tie-out.


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