The Equine Scratcher


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The Equine Scratcher Designed to give maximum itch relief without the worry of potential injuries, The Equine Scratcher provides a solution for safe scratching. Whether it’s insect bites, boredom, or shedding a winter coat, your horse will seek relief from his itch wherever he can get it! Simply install on any vertical surface and watch your horse love the feeling he gets from rubbing either up and down or back and forth. The Equine Scratcher features a no-pull surface that will not tear at your horse’s mane and tail. For stalled horses, it has the added bonus of affording your horse relief from boredom and stress, which often result in wind sucking, cribbing, and anti-social behavior. Features: Flexible textured panel Made of Polyethylene material, not rubber UV additive for temperate climates; prevents cracking and rotting Lessens any damage to property Allows animal to safely scratch Maintenance free Safe, non-toxic Durable, long lasting Can be mounted on pasture posts and stall walls Reduces injury Use in the barn or outside Item Specifications: Size: 101/2″ x 25″ Color: Black Material: Polyethylene


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