The Link Smart Pet Wearable



Link’s sleek pet GPS tracker, with a user-friendly app and practical accessories are engineered to meet all your pet needs – from location and activity monitoring to safety features and built-in training tools. The all-in-one ecosystem gives pet parents everything they need to stay connected to their pet whether together or apart.

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Ready to track essential health and safety information about your pet, all from a smart GPS dog collar?

The Link is a lightweight, waterproof smart little collar attachment packed with features connecting pet parents to all aspects of their pet’s health, safety, and well-being 24/7/365. With Link, you know peace of mind.


  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    Track location in real-time with advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology.

  • Places


    Choose areas where your pet is free to roam, set locations you frequent in the app, and get immediate alerts if he wanders.

  • Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Create temporary safe places or extend your home safe place with portable Bluetooth beacons. Perfect for large or multi-level homes and on-the-go places.


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